Is Fruits Good For Diabetes

Fruits are good for everybody. Diabetics and non-diabetics can benefit themselves from the numerous health benefits of fruits.

The advice is that you should be testing your blood sugar against the safest fruits for diabetes. What you can do is to test or measure your sugar level with meter after you consume fruits to know which one is good for your diabetes condition.

What that means is that a kind of fruit that is good for one diabetes patient may spike the sugar level in others. However, fruits with low sugar or with bitter taste might be good for diabetes. Fruits that can usually spike blood sugar are those with sugary taste. Therefore, it is better for individuals to test their blood sugar against such fruits.

Fruits are good for diabetes. However, diabetes patients are advised to test or measure their blood sugar after they consume fruits especially the sugary ones to know how they affect their blood sugar.


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  2. My advice to them is to be wise on every food they take, They would use their blood glucose meter, test strips, a lancing device, and lancets to check your blood glucose after you eat.

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