Symptoms That Your Blood Sugar Is High: Thirst And Frequent Urination

There are many ways you could know that your blood sugar is on the
rise. First, people with type 2 diabetes need to be reminded that
their blood sugar
levels can be keep under control with diet, exercise, and drug.

However, you need to be checking your blood sugar level every day with a
meter, to get best results. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone with
diabetes to be checking their blood sugar regularly as this will let
them know the kind of action to take or maybe to keep doing what they
are doing right.

However, if you do not have time or your needle has finished, one of
the ways to know that your sugar is high is that you will be unduely
and excessively thirsty.

Thirst and frequent urination are
two significant symptoms of diabetes due to too much sugar in your blood.

You will need to urinate more than normal if your blood sugar is high
because your kidneys work harder to
filter out the sugar, pulling more fluids from your tissues in the process.

Being thirsty on the other hand is your body's way
of letting you know that you need to
replenish the liquids it's losing through the fluid your kidney takes.
In such situation, you need to answer your body by drinking water to
prevent dehydration.


Using meter is the best way to measure your blood sugar. However
frequent urination and excessive thirst are two among the various
symtoms that your blood sugar is high. So take note!

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