Symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Sugar : Swelling of Hands and Feets

Ability to read signs about the level of your blood sugar is vital to
overall health and vitality. High blood pressure and diabetes are
twins. Most diabetes patients are also suffering from high blood
pressure while consistent and uncontrolled high blood pressure could
lead to diabetes.

Persistent high blood pressure together with diabetes, can damage the
kidneys' ability to filter wastes
and fluid in the long run. Therefore, your
hands and feet may swell as water
builds up in your body. This is a
warning sign that you your condition is affecting your

Therefore, it is advisable to be using your high blood pressure and
diabetes medications regularly as prescribed by the doctor. If your
hands and feet swell as a consequence of diabetes and high blood
pressure, you can still reverse the condition by making changes in
your diets and lifestyle.

You can still preserve
the kidney function by
taking your diabetes and blood
pressure medicines as
prescribed. Following the recommended diabetes diets may also help to
keep your blood sugar under


One of the symptoms to show that your diabetes and high blood pressure
is killing your kidney is swelling of hands and feets. In the first
place try to avoid this by using your high blood pressure and diabetes
drugs regularly. And you could reverse the condition by working with
your doctor on your condition. Find out and eat foods that could keep
your blood pressure and blood sugar balanced. Other lifestyle changes
could help. Exercise is one of the ways to keep your blood pressure
and sugar balanced.

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