Friday, 15 December 2017

Man loses 6st 3lb to reverse type 2 diabetes during weight loss journey which saved his life

Man loses 6st 3lb to reverse type 2 diabetes during weight loss journey which saved his life

Paul Donnelly lost 6st 3lb and and effectively reversed his Type 2 diabetes thanks to change in diet.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

How To Treat Diabetes Neuropathy

Great control of diabetes over
time is the way to treating diabetic neuropathy. There is no cure for neuropathy, yet keeping your glucose under control can diminish indications and keep them from getting more awful.

To control your diabetes, eat
nourishment that is beneficial for you and
exercise. Controlling diabetes implies keeping up glucose
levels (A1c) inside the objective range. This will accomplish more than whatever else to forestall diabetic neuropathy from getting more terrible.

Introductory and progressing treatment
Treatment for diabetic
neuropathy relies on  your manifestations and the kind of
neuropathy that you have. In
general, treatment concentrates on
lessening current manifestations and
keeping the condition from
deteriorating by keeping your
glucose level inside your target range. You can keep your
glucose levels inside the target range by taking your
insulin or oral diabetes pharmaceutical as endorsed, checking your glucose levels, taking after your
diet for diabetes, working out, and
seeing your specialist frequently.

Likewise, it is vital to appropriately look after your feet when you have diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic
neuropathy may bring about lost feeling in your feet. It is conceivable
for a sore or other foot issue
to go unnoticed. Without legitimate
foot mind, an untreated foot sore
can prompt a genuine disease or conceivably removal.

 It is additionally insightful to keep up solid propensities, for example, seeing your
specialist consistently, controlling your
pulse, eating a
adjusted eating routine, working out
consistently, not smoking, and staying away from liquor.

Further treatment relies upon the particular sort of diabetic neuropathy that you have along
with your present side effects.

 People with peripheral neuropathy have mellow to serious
sharp pain in particular parts of their
bodies. Converse with your specialist
about treatment that can lessen
your pain and enhance your
physical working, mind-set, and
mental prosperity.


Some people
discover these methods supportive:

Meds, for example, pain relievers or creams to soothe
pain. Physician endorsed prescriptions
regularly used to lessen pain
from diabetic neuropathy may
incorporate meds that are all the more usually used to treat depression and medications
that control seizures.

These medications might be attempted
to decrease your agony even
in spite of the fact that you don't have depression or seizures.

Reciprocal treatments such as needle therapy and
biofeedback can also be use to control neuropathy diabetes.
Non-intrusive treatment such as exercise and massaging can also work.

Neuropathy can make it hard for you to feel changes in temperature so be careful when using heat or ice to ease the pain.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve incitement (TENS)
, which is a kind of treatment
that lessens pain by applying
brief beats of power to nerve endings in the skin


Autonomic neuropathy-which
influences nerves that manage inner capacities can influence
processing, pee, sweating,
sexual capacity, pulse,
and other automatic body capacities. A few side effects of
autonomic neuropathy can be
difficult to oversee, yet others
react well to treatment:


 Eating foods that are
high in fiber and low in fat may offer assistance.

Diarrhea: Eating foods that are high in fiber may help. You may require
medications that moderate the rate at
which processed food and waste go through the digestion tracts, or you may require
anti-microbials or antibiotic medication.

Gentle gastroparesis: This is a condition that causes the
stomach to purge gradually.

It might show signs of improvement in the event that you eat
little, eat suppers that are low in fiber and fat. Meds that help the stomach unfilled
all the more rapidly may likewise be
required. Controlling blood sugar levels may lessen
manifestations of gastroparesis.

Strange sweating: attempt to evade
extreme warmth and mugginess. On the chance that
you don't sweat enough, you
can utilize lotions to offer assistance
with dry or broke skin.
Drinking more water can avert overheating. Attempt to stay away from spots that are extremely hot
on the other hand extremely icy.

Absence of attention to low glucose level: This is moreover
called hypoglycemia
unawareness. You can modify your insulin and permit your
glucose levels to be a little bit higher than the objective
range. Typically it is
suggested that you keep your A1c in an objective reach.

Urinary issues: Urinary
issues can be treated with anti-infection agents for urinary tract diseases and drugs to enhance bladder control.

Sexual  issues: Your specialist may propose utilizing drugs on the other hand gadgets to ginger your
erections. On the other hand you may require nonprescription ointments like estrogen creams for
vaginal dryness.

Blood pressure issues:

Hypertension might be treated with angiotensin-
changing over catalyst (ACE) inhibitors. Low blood pressure
can be treated with solutions and by wearing
pressure tights.

All in all you could buy cream that could relieve pain such as arthritis, infection pains and other. You could try CAPSAICIN cream.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Reason for Blood Sugar Rise : caffeine

Your glucose can ascend after you consume coffee - even dark ones
without any calories because of the caffeine in it.

Other foods in the same categories of caffeine content like coffee are
dark tea, green tea, and
caffeinated drinks.

Every individual with
diabetes responds to sustenances and drinks in an unexpected way, so
it's best to monitor your own reactions.

However, it must be noted that other contents in coffee might offer assistance
to prevent diabetes in
healthy individuals with no diabetes.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Question: What would happen if I cut down all the sugar in my diet (except fruits, honey)?

Answer from Chayim B. Alevsky
Incredible things happen when
you do incredible things.
I've deleted sugar from my life
about 1.5 yrs ago, along with
wheat and dairy and increased
the frequency of my running
exercise and thank G-d have
been feeling better than ever - in
every way, in mind and body (&
My diet does include sweets,
mainly fruits (including raisins
and dates) and honey replaces
sugar as desired.
Highly rec
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Thursday, 24 December 2015


Everybody should be tested for
prediabetes and diabetes
regardless of your age, gender or
status. Prediabetes is a very
dangerous condition because it
can be in the body for a long
time without manifestation.
Though, few individuals may
show symptoms of diabetes, for
instance, weakness or increase
pee, many people's with high
glucose level will have no
outward signs by any stretch of
the imagination.
This implies that everybody
should be tested for prediabetes.
Anybody that falls under the
following categories should be
tested for diabetes. It is quite
advisable to go for diabetes and
prediabetes screening if you fall
under the following categories.
1. Any grown-up age 45 or more
ought to be tested

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Is Fruits Good For Diabetes

Fruits are good for everybody. Diabetics and non-diabetics can benefit themselves from the numerous health benefits of fruits.

The advice is that you should be testing your blood sugar against the safest fruits for diabetes. What you can do is to test or measure your sugar level with meter after you consume fruits to know which one is good for your diabetes condition.

What that means is that a kind of fruit that is good for one diabetes patient may spike the sugar level in others. However, fruits with low sugar or with bitter taste might be good for diabetes. Fruits that can usually spike blood sugar are those with sugary taste. Therefore, it is better for individuals to test their blood sugar against such fruits.

Fruits are good for diabetes. However, diabetes patients are advised to test or measure their blood sugar after they consume fruits especially the sugary ones to know how they affect their blood sugar.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Symptom of Diabetes: Gastroparesis

Stomach trouble is one of the symptoms of persistent high blood sugar
or diabetes. I have written in my previous article that one of the
symptoms of persistent and uncontrolled high blood sugar is nerve
damage, a condition known as neuropathy. Therefore, diabetes or high
blood sugar can also damages the nerve that helps stomach to empty
and transport food smoothly through the digestive tract.

This inability of the stomach to empty food quickly enough as a result
of persistent high blood sugar can lead to many diabetes
complications. This inability of the stomach to process and empty food
swiftly is a condition known as gastroparesis.


1. This could cause unpleasant abdominal
problems like diarrhea,
constipation, or incontinence.

2. It may also lead to difficulty in eating or swallowing.

3. Gastroparesis can make it uneasy to control your high blood sugar
or diabetes.


One of the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes is poor digestive
system as a result of nerve damage. Try to control your blood sugar as
much as you can to prevent, control, manage and reverse gastroparesis.