Researchers at loggerhead over benefit of diet soda to weight gain and diabetes

Diet drinks are good but like other things should be consumed in small
quantity. As there are lots
of theories about why diet
drinks is safe and vice versa.

For instance, a study
published in the journal
Trends in Endocrinology and
in 2013 pointed that frequent
consumers of these sugar
substitutes (such as aspartame,
sucralose and saccharin) may
also be at increased risk of ...
metabolic syndrome, type 2
diabetes and cardiovascular

Also the findings of the San
Antonio Heart Study suggested a
strong link between diet soda
consumption and weight gain
over a long period of time.

Meanwhile there are also studies that
suggesting zero-calorie sweetened
beverages, including diet soda,
may help people in maintaining their
For instance, a study
found that overweight teens maintain their weight by switching from sugar-
laden drinks to zero-calorie
options such as diet soda.

So as researchers are at loggerhead over the benefit of diet soda
especially in relation to weight gain and diabetes, my advice for
consumers is to drink diet drinks moderately.


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